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Selection points of harmonic reducer bearings

08-30, 2022 / in News / by PRS

Harmonic reducer bearing, as the name suggests, is a special bearing for harmonic reducer. The special bearing of the harmonic reducer generally uses the crossed roller bearing. The bearing selection of the harmonic reducer should be based on the different occasions of the equipment, and different bearing models should be selected. Generally speaking, it can be divided into CSF/CSG series and SHF series. There are two types of /SHG series, CSF/CSG series refers to the outer ring split bearing and inner ring integral bearing, SHF/SHG series refers to the outer ring and inner ring are integral bearings.

The bearing of the harmonic reducer has a compact shape, has its own mounting holes, is easy to install, and has good performance such as high rigidity and easy installation, high rotation accuracy and high composite bearing capacity, and can bear axial, radial and overturning moments at the same time. The load in each direction is suitable for different types of harmonic reducers.

When selecting the bearing of the harmonic reducer, in addition to the application, it is also necessary to consider the installation method and size of the bearing. At present, the bearing selection of the harmonic reducer can refer to the following models:

HRB type, this one is a bearing with a whole inner ring and a separate outer ring. It is the basic model of the harmonic reducer bearing. The outer ring is divided into two pieces, and the inner ring is an integral structure, which is suitable for occasions that require high rotation accuracy of the inner ring.

 Harmonic Reducer Bearing

HRBH type, this bearing has an integral structure of the inner and outer rings. The installation has no effect on the performance, and the rotation accuracy and torque will be more stable. At the same time, the bearing adopts an ultra-thin design. There are no mounting holes in the outer ring and the inner ring. The support base is fixed.

HRAU type, integral inner and outer ring, ultra-thin bearing, this bearing has a more compact inner and outer ring thickness, and is mostly used in parts that require light weight and compact design, such as: robots and manipulators rotating parts, and can be suitable for inner and outer rings. When the circle rotates.

For HRU type, the inner and outer rings of this bearing are integral, with mounting holes, so there is no need to use flanges and support seats to fix them during installation. In addition, since the outer ring and inner ring are integral structures, installation has little effect on performance, so stable rotational accuracy and torque can be obtained. It is suitable for occasions where the outer ring and inner ring rotate.

HSX type, this bearing is an ultra-thin bearing with a whole inner ring and a separate outer ring. Under the same shaft diameter, this type has a smaller cross-sectional size than the HRB type. Due to the ultra-thin design, the outer ring There is no mounting hole on the inner ring, and the flange and the support seat need to be fixed during installation, which is suitable for applications where the inner ring rotates.

The above content is the relevant introduction of the bearing selection of the harmonic reducer. In different applications, the use of different types of bearings can better play the role of the harmonic reducer and avoid the use of unsuitable bearings for the harmonic reducer. failure occurred.

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