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Six correct selection methods of crossed roller bearings

04-12, 2022 / in News / by PRS
Crossed roller bearings have become more and more widely used in recent years, but how to choose the right type and structure is a problem that most customers who use crossed roller bearings are confused about. How to choose the right type can be referred from the following aspects .

1. Size range and external dimensions are important parameters. First, you need to know how much bearing you need to use. It can also be said that what is the installation size of the equipment that needs to install this bearing, and then you can determine the size of the bearing.

2. Structural form, because crossed roller bearings have the same external dimensions, there are many kinds of structures, including outer ring split type (XRB/XRA), inner ring split type (XRE), and integral structure (XRU/XRBH) ), the key depends on whether the part that the bearing needs to drive to rotate needs to be installed on the inner ring or the outer ring of the bearing. If the outer ring needs to be rotated, the inner ring split type must be used; similarly, if the inner ring rotation accuracy is required, the outer ring split type must be used.

Crossed Roller Bearings

3. Installation method, the cross roller bearing is divided into two categories according to the installation method. One is that the inner and outer rings have mounting holes. Like a slewing bearing, its installation is relatively simple, and it is directly connected to the equipment through connecting bolts; The other is that there are no mounting holes in the inner and outer rings, mainly through the interference fit of the bearing seat and the compression flange and the shaft and the inner diameter of the bearing.

4. Bearing capacity, which type of cross roller to choose, must know whether it can withstand the load imposed by the equipment, and determine whether it is suitable according to the bearing capacity requirements of the equipment design and the rated load of the corresponding bearing.

Crossed Roller Bearings

5. Accuracy and clearance.

6. Considering the price/performance ratio, this question is purely determined by personal preference and economic strength. If you have strong economic strength, you don’t care about the price difference, and you like to use imported bearings, you can use THK, IKO or NSK products, and you can feel at ease.

If the budget is tight, it is recommended to use the crossed roller bearing with better cost performance, such as the crossed roller bearing of PRS company.
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