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What are the common damages on the surface of crossed roller bearings and how to solve them?

11-04, 2022 / in News / by PRS

In use, crossed roller bearings will be badly used or scrapped in advance due to various reasons. One of the main reasons for this failure is the damage to the bearing surface. Different degrees of damage have different effects on the bearing. How to avoid it? What? For the common surface damage of crossed roller bearings, the manufacturer of crossed roller bearings gave us the following detailed introduction, let's take a look!

Common Surface Damage of Crossed Roller Bearings

crossed roller bearings

1. Mechanical scars

Generally, scratches, abrasions, bumps, and crushes on the surface of crossed roller bearings belong to mechanical scars. No matter what kind of mechanical damage, it will cause poor installation or poor use of the bearing, causing eccentric load and stress concentration, resulting in rotational accuracy and accuracy. Decrease in service life.

2. Point, pitting, rust

Black skin and pitting are defects that easily store moisture and dirt, and can easily develop into rust. Rust is a source of pollution that leads to poor installation, early wear and fatigue. If the rust is serious, the bearing will be scrapped in advance.

3. Cracks

Cracks are divided into many types, such as forging cracks, raw material cracks, grinding cracks, heat treatment cracks, etc. Cracks will rapidly expand as the bearing becomes a source of stress concentration during the operation of the bearing, causing the bearing to rupture. The service life is greatly affected.

4. Peeling and folding

The parts of peeling and folding defects are not firmly bonded to the base metal, and there are often decarburized or decarbonized phenomena around them to varying degrees. .

5. Isolation block problem

If the isolation block is defective, colored or damaged, the noise of the bearing will increase and the rotation will not be smooth. If it is not found in time, after long-term use, the isolation block will even be crushed in the rolling, resulting in poor bearing locking.

The method to solve the surface damage of the cross roller

crossed roller bearings

1. Correct installation

Mechanical scars can be avoided in advance. Follow the correct procedures during installation. After installation, conduct a trial run to ensure the bearing can run stably and avoid scratches, bumps and crushing of the bearing. The addition of lubricating oil can avoid bearing wear during operation.

2. Check frequently

Bearings should be checked frequently during use, pay attention to whether there are black spots and pits on the surface, observe the extent and repair them in time, so as to avoid serious corrosion and affect the operation of the bearing.

3. Choose good quality bearings

The production process of the bearing will directly affect the quality of the bearing, so we have to choose a special manufacturer to buy it, and carefully inspect it after receiving the goods to avoid using substandard products.

4. Buy high-quality isolation blocks

The isolation block also needs to be of good quality to avoid the use of inferior products with defects. Its quality will also directly affect the operation of the bearing. If the isolation block is found to be deformed or broken during use, it should be replaced immediately, otherwise it will directly affect the bearing. of normal operation.

After the above answers to the question of what damage will occur on the surface of the crossed roller bearing, it can be seen that the common surface damage mainly includes mechanical scars, pitting corrosion, cracks, peeling and folding, and isolation block problems. Check, choose good quality bearings, and buy good quality spacers to avoid bearing damage.
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