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How to improve the service life of robot bearings

09-28, 2022 / in News / by PRS

Robot bearing is an important part of mechanical equipment. If you want to improve the service life of robot bearing, it is necessary to select the size and accuracy according to the location of use, use conditions and environmental conditions. Matching suitable bearings is the premise to ensure the life and feasibility of robot bearings.

1. Parts of use: Robot bearings are suitable for bearing combined radial and axial loads mainly based on radial loads. They are usually used in pairs with two sets of bearings, mainly for front and rear wheel hubs, driving bevel gears, differentials, etc. of automobiles. Transmission parts such as reducer.

2. Allowable rotational speed: In the environment of correct installation and good lubrication, it is allowed to be 0.3-0.5 times the limited rotational speed of the robot bearing. Under normal circumstances, 0.2 times the speed limit is appropriate.


3. Allowable inclination angle: Robot bearings generally do not allow the shaft to be inclined relative to the housing hole. If there is an inclination, it should not exceed 2′.

4. Allowable temperature: Under normal load, and the lubricant has high temperature resistance and sufficient lubrication, the general bearing is allowed to work at an ambient temperature of -30°C to 150°C.

The state of operation on the machine that needs to be checked, where the robot bearings are the focus, and the preparation of a thorough inspection program has become increasingly important. An important part of the home as it is vital condition monitoring of all rotating machinery components to prevent early detection of bearing damage during equipment downtime to prevent robot bearing damage and prevent unplanned maintenance.

But not all machines are equipped with such equipment. In this case, the machine operator or service engineer must insist on the bearing failure signal alarm.


If a crisp sound, a sharp squeaking noise may be due to improper bearing clearance, insufficient lubrication can also cause a metallic sound. Indentations in the bearing outer raceway can cause vibrations. As for the equipment will produce noise if the scratches are knocked, the noise varies with the speed of the bearing. If there is intermittent noise, then the rolling part may be damaged, this sound occurs when the surface is damaged by the rollout date, if the bearing "hiss" sound pollution often causes serious damage to the bearing and causes irregularities huge noise.

But usually it is not necessary to replace the secondary bearing at this time. Therefore, the damage to the robot bearing can of course also be perceived by listening. Such as the use of better methods, such as electronic health monitoring equipment, bearing the operation before the eruption. Electronic health monitoring equipment, bearing operations before the eruption.

The above is all about improving the service life of robot bearings. In fact, as long as you adhere to good operating habits and regular maintenance of the bearings during use, their service life will be improved to a certain extent.

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