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How to choose the type of crossed roller bearing?

05-23, 2022 / in News / by PRS

Crossed roller bearings have a strong, inseparable inner and outer ring structure that easily achieves high stiffness and high precision, independent of the surrounding environment and its structure. It is especially suitable for equipment with medium to high speed. It has been used more and more widely in recent years. Due to the different performance of the equipment, the types of bearings used are also different. How to choose the appropriate bearing type and structure for the equipment? It is a question that most customers are confused about. How to select a crossed roller bearing can refer to the following requirements.

1. Determine the size range of crossed roller bearings

The external dimension of the crossed roller bearing is one of the important parameters. First of all, you need to know the size of the bearing you need to use. It can also be said that what is the installation size of the equipment that needs to install the bearing, and then you can determine the size of the bearing.

crossed roller bearings

2. Select the structural form of the bearing

Because crossed roller bearings have the same external dimensions, there are also many kinds of structures, including outer ring split type (RB/RA), inner ring split type (RE), and integral structure (RU/CRBH). The key is to see The part that the bearing needs to drive the rotation needs to be installed on the inner ring or the outer ring of the bearing. If the outer ring needs to be rotated, the inner ring split type must be used; similarly, if the inner ring rotation accuracy is required, the outer ring split type must be used.

3. Installation method

There are two types of crossed roller bearings in terms of installation methods. One is that the inner and outer rings have mounting holes. Like a slewing bearing, its installation is relatively simple, and it is directly connected to the equipment through connecting bolts; the other is There are no mounting holes in the inner and outer rings, mainly through the interference fit of the bearing seat and the compression flange and the shaft and the inner diameter of the bearing.

4. Carrying capacity

Which kind of cross roller to choose, it is necessary to know whether it can withstand the load imposed by the equipment, and determine whether it is suitable according to the load capacity requirements of the equipment design and the rated load of the corresponding bearing.

crossed roller bearings

5. Bearing accuracy and clearance

The accuracy and clearance of crossed roller bearings are the core of crossed roller bearings. The positive and negative travel of the bearing can affect the rigidity, noise, life and speed of the crossed rollers.

When the working clearance is negative, the fatigue life of the bearing is long, but the fatigue clearance decreases significantly with the increase of the negative clearance. It can greatly improve the rigidity of the bearing and reduce the noise of the bearing at the same time. When the working clearance is positive, the rotational speed of the bearing will increase accordingly. But at the same time, the bearing will usher in the disadvantages of excessive bearing noise and insufficient rigidity.

6. Cost-effective

This also needs to be determined according to the customer's own company's economic capacity.

The above is a detailed introduction to the selection and requirements of crossed roller bearings. In addition to the above, the selection should also consider the working environment temperature of the bearing, bearing sealing and special requirements for friction torque, vibration, noise, etc. .

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