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What should I pay attention to when replacing the slewing bearing?

07-23, 2022 / in News / by PRS

There are various slewing bearing failures in production activities, such as crane slewing bearing maintenance, excavator bearing slewing bearing and crane slewing bearing maintenance, but in order to ensure that the construction period is completed on time, the slewing bearing has to be replaced, and it will return to normal in a short time. Work. So what are the precautions in the process of replacing the slewing bearing, let's take a look at it in detail.

Precautions for slewing bearing replacement

1. When it is difficult to disassemble the slewing bearing on rotary table equipment such as excavator slewing bearing, crane slewing bearing and crane slewing bearing, it is generally due to the excessive deformation of the base or the base, which leads to distortion, and the bolts are difficult to rotate normally;

Slewing Bearing

2. The sealing loss of the slewing bearing means that the channel of the slewing bearing is blocked;

3. The lubricating oil channel cannot be refueled, and the slewing bearing is stuck;

4. The cracking sound of the slewing bearing means that the isolation block, steel ball, roller or channel loss is large;

5. When the slewing bearing parts are disassembled, if the taper pin is not easy to be taken out, generally speaking, the head is reversed; when the taper pin is difficult to pull out through the threaded hole, the next steps are:

Slewing Bearing

a. Change to a more gravitational rear fall to pull;

b. Example of using hydraulic jacks at both ends at the same time;

c. Effectively expand the screw hole of the plug to increase the pulling force;

d. The large diameter bolt of the drilling machine is then pulled out through the rear drop;

e. Destructively remove the plug and process a new plug.

It should be noted that these more professional repair work is carried out in the factory, and there are remedial measures, which play a protective role in repairing the slewing bearing. Road, replace the seal, the slewing bearing is able to be put back into service.

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