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How to identify the quality of crossed roller bearings?

06-20, 2022 / in News / by PRS

Crossed roller bearing is a special type of bearing with split inner ring and rotating outer ring. Because of its particularity, it is generally used in industrial robots, as a joint bearing for industrial robots, and can also be used for precision rotation work. Tables, medical instruments, etc. are widely used, so the quality of bearings is very important. How to distinguish the quality of crossed roller bearings?

1. Choose a reliable manufacturer

Generally, the bearings produced by good manufacturers are no problem, and the quality is guaranteed. Therefore, when purchasing, you must choose some well-known, or well-reputed, and highly rated manufacturers for selection. This can also avoid quality problems in the bearing.

2. Check the outer packaging of the bearing

Under normal circumstances, a normal bearing company with its own brand will have its own company's brand logo, and will also have its own product packaging, and will arrange for factories that have passed the production conditions to produce product packaging, so whether the packaging is from The lines to the color blocks are very clear, and there will be a logo of your own company.


3. Look at the steel printing on the bearing

Generally, the bearing will have its own brand's words and brand's logo, as well as labels, etc., and the handwriting will be very clear, and generally use steel printing technology, and embossing before heat treatment, so the font Although small, it is deeply recessed and very clear. And some counterfeit products with poor quality fonts will be very blurry and easy to fall off.

4. Listen to whether there is noise

You can pick up the bearing. Hold the bearing body sleeve with your left hand, and turn the outer sleeve with your right hand to make it rotate, and listen to whether there is any noise. Due to the backward production conditions of most counterfeit products and the completely manual workshop operation, it is inevitable that impurities such as sand will be mixed in during the production process, so there will be noises when rotating. And good quality products will not happen, because impurities will affect the normal use of the bearing.


5. See if there is a lot of oil pollution

When a good quality bearing is used for anti-rust work, even if anti-rust oil or other treatments are used, there will not be a lot of residual oil stains, and the bearings still look bright. Anti-rust oil can be touched.

6. Look at the chamfering treatment

Check whether the processing of the chamfer is uniform. The chamfer is the junction of the horizontal surface and the vertical surface. The chamfer of a good quality bearing is very uniform, and some counterfeit bearings are not mature in these corners due to the immature production technology. The parts are not dealt with very comprehensively.

7. Try to see the quality

In the case of trial, many problems can be seen. If the bearing makes abnormal noise or is damaged during use, it obviously means that the quality is not good. In fact, the quality is good or bad, in addition to checking, only after trial To be able to know whether the quality is good or bad.

The above is the whole content of the quality identification method of crossed roller bearings. When making identification, it is mainly to choose a reliable manufacturer. You can also check the outer packaging of the bearing, and you can also check the steel printing on the bearing. In addition to reading, you can also listen to it. , Listen to whether there is abnormal noise in the bearing, see if there is oil on the bearing surface, see the chamfering treatment, and try to see the quality. These methods can be tried.

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