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The structure and maintenance method of steel wire raceway bearing

12-26, 2022 / in News / by PRS

Steel wire raceway bearings can also be called steel wire raceway bearings and steel wire bearings. As a new type of non-standard bearing, it has light weight and high rotation accuracy. The ability to carry both axial force and radial force has been widely used in the support of large-load, low-inertia, and large-diameter bearings. Steel wire raceway bearings can completely replace ordinary light-duty slewing bearings in certain usage occasions, and achieve the use effect that ordinary slewing bearings cannot achieve. Steel wire raceway bearing manufacturers have summarized the structure and maintenance methods of steel wire raceway bearings, let's find out together.

The structure of steel wire raceway bearings

The structure of the steel wire raceway (runway) bearing is a structure surrounded by three entities. It generally consists of a fixed large table main body, a movable syringe seat gear and a compression ring, which enclose a square-section steel wire raceway bearing in the middle. If the steel ball in the square section is used as the center of the structure, then according to the position of the pressing ring relative to the steel ball and the center of the syringe, this support structure can be divided into: upper inner pressing ring type; upper outer pressing ring type; Ring type; lower inner pressure ring type; lower outer pressure ring type four forms.

However, in terms of the convenience of adjusting and replacing the steel wire raceway bearing, it is an example of all three solid surrounding steel wire raceway bearing structures. This structure is not only very convenient to adjust the gap of the steel wire raceway bearing, just loosen the screw and replace the thickness of the gasket. Moreover, when the steel wire raceway bearing needs to be replaced, the compression ring can be easily removed without removing any other parts, and a new steel wire raceway bearing can be reinstalled quickly.

Structural parameters of steel wire raceway bearings

steel wire raceway bearings



Structural Parameters

Nominal inner diameter



Nominal outer diameter






Radius of curvature of inner ring steel wire



Inner raceway diameter



Radius of curvature of outer ring steel wire



Outer raceway diameter



initial contact angle a



Elastic modulus E of steel wire and steel ball



Steel wire and steel ball Poisson's ratio



total radial load



Maintenance method of steel wire raceway bearings

steel wire raceway bearings

1. When the wire raceway bearing runs to a fixed period (or maintenance period), remove the bearing part;   

2. Soak and clean the bearing with diesel oil or kerosene for cleaning, and open the sealing cover for cleaning if there are technical conditions;   

3. After cleaning, dry the cleaning oil, and check the appearance for damage;   

4. Use a wooden stick (hollow tube) with a diameter of about 150mm and the same diameter as the inner diameter of the steel wire raceway bearing to fix the bearing;   

5. While rotating the bearing quickly by hand, put the wooden stick (wooden tube) on the ear or the microphone of the audio amplifier to hear the bearing rotation noise;   

6. After fixing the bearing, move the wooden stick horizontally to check whether the bearing is worn and loose;   

7. Steel wire raceway bearings with severe looseness, excessive rotation noise and serious defects should be eliminated and replaced with the same model;   

8. Take a bucket and melt an appropriate amount of grease (yellow dry oil) with a slow fire (do not overheat), put the tested bearing into the bucket and soak until no bubbles overflow. Take out the bearing before the grease cools, and the amount of residual grease is small. After the grease is cooled, take out the steel wire raceway bearing, and there will be a lot of residual grease. Determine the amount of grease residue as needed.   

9. Use a soft cloth or toilet paper to wipe off the lubricating grease on the outside of the bearing. Assemble the steel wire raceway bearing to the pulley as it is, and the maintenance work is over.

In summary, the structure of the steel wire raceway bearing is a structure surrounded by three entities. Bearings are mainly used in military fields, such as aerospace, aerial photography, tank turret bases, etc., and can completely replace ordinary light slewing bearings in certain applications.

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