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XRA Series Crossed Roller Bearings

XRA Series Crossed Roller Bearings

XRA Series Cross Roller Bearings(Ultra-Thin Wall, Inner Ring Rotation, Integrated Inner and Outer Ring Design, Two Outer Rings, One Inner Ring)

The XRA series of cross roller bearings can be used as a direct replacement for the RA and RA-C series by THK, as well as the CRBS series by IKO.

This series features an ultra-thin wall design for both the inner and outer rings, creating a compact solution suitable for applications that require lightweight and miniaturized rotating components.

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XRA Series Cross Roller Bearings:

  • Structure: Integrated design with two outer rings and one inner ring.
  • Rotation: Inner ring rotation.
  • Rolling Elements: Cylindrical rollers and cross rollers.
  • Configuration: Radial and axial.
  • Characteristics: High precision and ultra-thin wall.
  • Inner Diameter: Minimum: 50 mm, Maximum: 200 mm.
  • Outer Diameter: Minimum: 66 mm, Maximum: 226 mm.
  • Width: Minimum: 8 mm, Maximum: 13 mm.
  • Applications: Ideal for scenarios requiring high precision inner ring rotation.

Structural Diagram of the XRA Series Cross Roller Bearings:


XRA Series Crossed Roller Bearing Model Parameter Table:

Nominal ModelOuter Dimension (mm)Basic Rated LoadWeightCorresponding Model
Inner DiameterOuter DiameterWidthRadial (kN)
XRA 5008506685.17.190.08RA5008CRBS508
XRA 6008607685.688.680.09RA6008CRBS608
XRA 7008708685.989.80.1RA7008CRBS708
XRA 8008809686.3711.30.11RA8008CRBS808
XRA 90089010686.6712.40.12RA9008CRBS908
XRA 1000810011687.1513.90.16RA10008CRBS1008
XRA 1100811012687.45150.15RA11008CRBS1108
XRA 1200812013687.8416.50.17RA12008CRBS1208
XRA 1300813014687.9417.60.18RA13008CRBS1308
XRA 1400814015688.3319.10.19RA14008CRBS1408
XRA 1500815016688.8220.60.2RA15008CRBS1508
XRA 160131601861323.344.90.59RA16013CRBS16013
XRA 170131701961323.546.50.64RA17013CRBS17013
XRA 180131802061324.549.80.68RA18013CRBS18013
XRA 190131902161324.951.50.69RA19013CRBS19013
XRA 200132002261325.854.70.71RA20013CRBS20013


1. The nominal model with a sealing ring is XRA ***UU.

2. For high precision requirements, please choose the inner ring rotation option.

3. If you have any needs or questions, please contact us, and we will reply as soon as possible.

You can also send an email to [email protected], call 400-680-3790, or directly consult our online customer service.


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