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Luoyang Precision Precision Bearing Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise which specializes in precision bearing production and research and development, our company covers 15,000 square meters. Since its establishment in 2003, our company has developed rapidly with 145 employees and 35 technicians of different types. Various professional equipment and testing instruments 135 sets, the total investment of fixed assets of more than 80 million yuan.

Our main products including cross cylindrical roller bearings, cross tapered roller bearings, thin section ball bearings, turntable bearings, high-precision slewing bearings, etc. The accuracy can reach P4, P2 level. We are committed to providing "professional, reliable and stable" products and services for global buyers.

Cooperating with us, you will gets products and services better than those of other companies:

Multiple customization, special equipment research and development

Long-term supply capacity

Complete quality assurance system

Perfect service

Luoyang Precision Precision Bearing Co., Ltd

Multiple customization, special equipment research and development , long-term supply capacity, complete quality assurance system, perfect service

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Partnering with PRS, you'll get products and services that go above and beyond other companies: a wide variety of products to choose from; short delivery time; long-term supply capacity; complete and complete inventory; market competitive price; perfect service; thoughtful, application-specific advice.